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adjective as in illegible

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Digital storage systems can become unreadable in as little as three to five years.

Cryptographic algorithms turn readable data into a secret, unreadable form so it can be safely shared on the open internet.

Digital media ages badly—technology leaping ahead so quickly that our pixelated past will be rendered unreadable before we get a chance to transfer it to a new system.

From Time

The Braille on the columns is completely unreadable because the dots are indented.

Some researchers argue this makes the knowledge and discoveries discussed in the articles unreadable to both scientists and lay people alike.

Conversely, terrible writing on page one (the case with several exciting mega-bestsellers) renders something unreadable for me.

Hamilton would soak the cardboard packaging of the EPO until the label was unreadable.

The handwriting on the short note is a combination of odd angled block letters and an unreadable signature.

Their books tried hard to be edgy and hipper-than-thou, but ended up being an unreadable mess instead.

I thought about that quip later in the interview when Doyle offered the opinion that James Joyce was nearly unreadable.

Graduates that have been in use a long time, especially for measuring alkalies, become unreadable.

Here two tremendous patches of ink left some words that followed quite unreadable.

On the other hand, Cabbalistic works become almost unreadable on account of the prevalence of Semitic over German words.

Most of the book is altogether unreadable from any human point of view, as I feel only too well in my deluge of proofs.

It is unreadable, and to quote his own sensible words, ‘It is useless to criticise what nobody reads.’


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