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adjective as in not explored

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Scientifically, the trip to an unexplored zone promises to yield new information about the moon’s evolution.

From Quartz

“Surprisingly, there are still areas off Southern California where marine life remains unexplored,” said lead scientist and Scripps biological oceanographer Lisa Levin.

Analytics happened to be a mostly unexplored avenue for those seeking to do just that.

This new map covers around 11 billion years of cosmic history that was essentially unexplored, teaching us about dark energy like never before.

These protrusions may have unexplored roles in spreading the virus, and could serve as targets for future antiviral therapies.

But the biggest question left unexplored is what all of this dough accomplishes.

The many glories of Babylon, for example, lay unexplored not far from the boundaries of Baghdad.

But the area is also an unexplored region of picturesque villages and surprising flavors.

Tris is not afraid that Four will rape her—rather, she fears the natural evolution of her own unexplored sexuality.

That question likewise goes unexplained by Boehner and unexplored by Moore.

Burton's work on unexplored Syria is full of passages relating to tobacco and the custom of smoking.

Between this river and Cape Peron, a "great bay" was left unexplored.

In the unexplored regions of penny periodical romance I have met with many better specimens of supernatural dialogue.

The weird, unexplored land stretches away on every side, though one could not see much of it on account of the grassy hillocks.

I never dreamed when we started that to strike due south would take us into the unexplored heart of the continent.


On this page you'll find 13 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to unexplored, such as: uncharted, undetermined, unfathomed, uninvestigated, and unplumbed.

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