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noun as in dalliance

noun as in flirtation

noun as in flirting

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Give your family’s discarded books and toys to younger children in your neighborhood.

Regardless of whether you’ve got a SaaS startup, a cute pet toy company, or even if you’re just a drop shipper, you need to convert that traffic to drive sales.

We also made a toy campaign for anyone who our model said could be toy buyers or who Audience Stream had seen browse or buy them in the past.

So far, researchers know much more about how this all works in toy universes that have negatively curved, saddle-shaped space-time — mostly because they’re relatively easy to work with.

Lego has eschewed any reference to the pandemic in favor of vignettes of enjoyable nonsense from real-life actors having fun as its most popular toys.

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A reminder that Washington has been toying with and lying to Americans for a long, long time.

For decades, the Pentagon has been toying with the idea of upgrading the B-52 bomber, first built in the mid-1950s.

From the beginning, Guy had the better of the fight, unhorsing Herman and toying with him for awhile.

Joe enjoys the sexual sway she holds over men, toying with their preconceived expectations in order to satisfy her appetite.

Do you see parallels between Banksy and yourself, as far as, I guess, toying around with these themes?

Napoleon crushed in his hand a watch with which he had been toying, hissing out that thus he would crush wills which opposed his.

Mercer stared at his feet, toying idly with the little torch in his hand.

She was toying with her jeweled fan, and looking away as carelessly as if she had forgotten his existence.

The white, slender fingers, toying carelessly with one of the breakfast appointments, were shaking.

The haughtiest dame cannot keep her countenance in the face of this playful spirit toying with her frills.


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