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I had read some years ago about this strange therapy called decoded neurofeedback, and this technology made me think of machine-mediated telepathy, or a kind of empathy machine, as it ends up being called in the book.

His power of telepathy and mind control frustrate him because he can’t use them.

Chasing after a scientific basis for telepathy was a dead end, of course.

Wanda can control things with her mind—via telekenesis, telepathy, mind control.

From Time

Odds against chance in a review of spontaneous telepathy studies have been calculated, Radin says, at “22 billion to 1.”

His suggestion: “a telepathy shield” that “would consist of a thin metal foil around the brain.”

These phenomena of sight at a distance are classed under the general title of Telepathy (τήλε, far, πάθος, sensation).

And in that look, Arcot read what even telepathy had hidden heretofore.

Arcot spent the rest of the evening teaching them the Venerian system of telepathy.

Projective telepathy had only been a crackpot's idea back then.

To pass the weary time Jones and Hill dabbled in and experimented with hypnotism and telepathy.


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