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noun as in finder

noun as in radar

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As the philosopher Thomas Nagel noted, it must “be like” something to be a bat, but what that is we cannot even imagine—because we cannot imagine what it would be like to observe the world through a kind of sonar.

It’s similar to how a bat uses sonar to “see” its surroundings.

That was the only way to explain the thermocline, a zone of rapidly decreasing temperature that separates warm surface waters from the frigid deep ocean, which affected naval sonar.

The scientific goals of the expeditions are always secondary, although splurging for the sonar mapping system turns out to be key in verifying their world-record-holding status.

Uncrewed ships equipped with sonar spot suspicious objects from different angles, and an extended telescopic arm wields a nail gun to attach an explosive charge.

It had advanced sonar—aimed not at the ocean floor but at other subs and shipping—and drew a blank.

They are loaded with state-of-the art sonar and radar equipment.

Or how about powerful sonar blasts the U.S. Navy is using in the waters off southern California?

Before that, in December 2011, it won a $691 million U.S. Navy subcontract for “combat and sonar systems” for submarines.

He was talking about the sonar beacon linked to the black box of Air France Flight 447.

The tyme of hir purificatioun was sonar then the Leviticall law appointes.

The sonar equipment showed what kind of rock it was—iron and basalt.

Diciendo y haciendo, el pcaro sac del bolsillo cuatro piezas de plata y las hizo sonar.

Thus the sonar waves would appear to be striking no obstacle—and no echo would return to the sonarscopes on the search craft!

An invisible sub—one that sonar pulses would seem to pass right through, as if nothing were there!


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