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noun as in presumption

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There’s no justification for snobbery of pure over applied work.

It creates a type of detachment, coldness, and snobbery that is disenfranchising.

I feel like a trainspotter, noting the distinct edges and grooves that make the shared enthusiasms of Gen Z infinitely more interesting than whatever media and culture fueled my own aesthetic snobbery.

From Vox

The Spotify roasting AI that’s been making the rounds this week is a fun exercise in music snobbery.

His absolute snobbery is bizarrely refreshing, while the Just Like You's around him try to seem as “normal” as possible.

Wellie-snobbery is terrible but growing vice among the British upper classes.

My theory was that a personal and geographic food bias was at work, a kind of coastal snobbery.

Both went to Oxford University and chafed at the snobbery of English elites.

This is because cruising stories allow the media to indulge in two of their favourite traits: envy and snobbery.

That the Business College should no longer require me I could understand—for snobbery plays a terrible part in business.

"Ah kin lick any three Neboes wid mah toes an' teeth," he would boast in religious snobbery.

An assembly of two thousand snobs will never stint its applause to an author who chastises snobbery.

This gentleman—for he was no less than that—was a man well-read, and his tribute was not inspired by mere snobbery.

The snobbery of the "social column" would really be amusing were it not so painfully apparent.


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