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adjective as in rusty

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Previously, bacteria that use hydrogen and rust to generate energy in this way have only been found in very hot or acidic environments, like the hot springs of Yellowstone National Park.

Microbes use this hydrogen and rust to fuel their metabolisms and convert carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into organic carbon, similarly to how plants do during photosynthesis.

With the rust-proof bike, you also get a Polar OH1 heart rate monitor, weights, a roller, and foam mats.

I’m living off campus in Cambridge, in a third-story apartment with rust stains in the bathtub, furnished with sofas we found on the street.

The base spike goes easily into the ground to hold the sprinkler steady, and the strong, plastic construction is rust-proof.

It was an old, rusted AMC Pacer that was missing, among other things, a fuel door.

The more than 50,000 who reside in West Point live mostly in shacks made of zinc with rusted tin roofs.

It has faded from pixelated gray to rusted ochre, fringed on the edges with black sweat grease.

In one, a display of rusted Soviet weapons, unearthed from around the base, recalls a war museum… a war museum within a war.

Detroit broke down, the Steel Belt rusted, and bourbon whiskey took a terrifying nosedive.

The humidity of the earth had rusted the screws, and it was not without some difficulty that the coffin was opened.

One day, in a big forest that was strange to me, my joints suddenly became rusted, because I had forgotten to oil them.

Neither do rusted bearings wear so long as those properly protected.

Then my arms rusted at the joints and I became frightened and cried for help, for now I was unable to oil myself.

No one heard my calls and before long my jaws rusted, and I was unable to utter another sound.


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