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We think Republican leaders are essential in putting an end to all of this by clearly repudiating election conspiracies and violence in messages to the public.ARE WE ENTERING A NEW ERA OF POLITICAL VIOLENCE?SEAN ILLINGJANUARY 7, 2021VOX
“We repudiate, denounce and condemn the inability of government institutions in Cuba to dialogue and recognize dissent, activist autonomy, empowerment of minorities and respect for human and citizen rights,” the document says.A HUNGER STRIKE IN SAN ISIDRO, THE PROTEST THAT DOES NOT LET HAVANA SLEEPMAYKEL GONZÁLEZ VIVERONOVEMBER 30, 2020WASHINGTON BLADE
This could affect both the degree to which Democrats pursue a more aggressive agenda, and the extent to which Republicans regard Trumpism as having been repudiated.8 TIPS TO STAY SANE IN THE FINAL 15 DAYS OF THE CAMPAIGNNATE SILVER (NRSILVER@FIVETHIRTYEIGHT.COM)OCTOBER 18, 2020FIVETHIRTYEIGHT
ProPublica’s responseProspect misleadingly suggests this “one source” repudiated all of the multiple statements attributed to him in our article.A HOSPITAL CHAIN SAID OUR ARTICLE WAS INACCURATE. IT’S NOT.BY PETER ELKINDOCTOBER 12, 2020PROPUBLICA
If such a policy or practice exists, it violates protestors’ Fourth Amendment and due process rights, and it should be immediately repealed and repudiated.MORNING REPORT: ANOTHER POTENTIAL VIOLATION FOR BARRIOSSARA LIBBYSEPTEMBER 25, 2020VOICE OF SAN DIEGO
My teacher—the author of the Kriegswissenschaft—the ideal revolutionist—he to denounce me, to repudiate propaganda by deed?PRISON MEMOIRS OF AN ANARCHISTALEXANDER BERKMAN
But thou, O my Provence, bePg 195 not disturbed about the sons that disown thee and repudiate thy speech.FRDRIC MISTRALCHARLES ALFRED DOWNER
He is not called to repudiate idolatry, but by divine command to go to an unknown country.BEACON LIGHTS OF HISTORY, VOLUME IIJOHN LORD
It often happens that the people are too ready to follow the demagogue and to repudiate and ridicule the honest reformer.THE TWO GREAT REPUBLICS: ROME AND THE UNITED STATESJAMES HAMILTON LEWIS
Mrs. Brookenham's failure to repudiate the vision appeared to suffice, and her visitor cheerfully took a further jump.THE AWKWARD AGEHENRY JAMES


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