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“It was pretty crazy how it all came about,” he said this week, reflecting on his rapid rise.MATTHEW HOPPE WAS A LITTLE-KNOWN AMERICAN SOCCER PLAYER — UNTIL HE REACHED THE BUNDESLIGASTEVEN GOFFFEBRUARY 11, 2021WASHINGTON POST
Tiffany Shackelford had a unique, fun style that her friends and family members said reflected her bright personality, sense of humor and love of helping others to connect.TIFFANY SHACKELFORD, 46, WAS KNOWN AS A UNIQUE, FUN ‘FORCE’ TO FRIENDS, FAMILYDANA HEDGPETHFEBRUARY 11, 2021WASHINGTON POST
If my personality profile reflected the traits most specific to people who are successful in the role, I’d advance to the next hiring stage.AUDITORS ARE TESTING HIRING ALGORITHMS FOR BIAS, BUT THERE’S NO EASY FIXAMY NORDRUMFEBRUARY 11, 2021MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
“The time is right to reimagine our entire game day experience, to reinvent it in a way that reflects our modern identity and aligns with what today’s fan seeks,” team president Jason Wright said in a news release.FORMER CHEERLEADERS SETTLE WITH WASHINGTON FOOTBALL TEAM AS PROGRAM’S FUTURE IS IN DOUBTBETH REINHARDFEBRUARY 10, 2021WASHINGTON POST
This means the agency may be logging debts from companies that no longer exist or have accounts on their books that do not accurately reflect the amount due.UTILITY COMPANIES OWE MILLIONS TO THIS STATE REGULATORY AGENCY. THE PROBLEM? THE AGENCY CAN’T TRACK WHAT IT’S OWED.BY SCOTT MORRIS, BAY CITY NEWS FOUNDATIONFEBRUARY 10, 2021PROPUBLICA
By the 1980s, the company had expanded into the consumer markets, and in 1992, the company officially changed its name to reflect its product.BEST TOASTER: GET PERFECTLY GOLDEN SLICES EVERY TIMEPOPSCI COMMERCE TEAMFEBRUARY 10, 2021POPULAR SCIENCE
This is a great start, but we shouldn’t be satisfied until our body reflects the demographics of the nation.REPUBLICAN REP. NANCY MACE ON THE CAPITOL INSURRECTION: ‘WE NEED TO REBUILD OUR PARTY’KK OTTESENFEBRUARY 9, 2021WASHINGTON POST
An alternative idea is that the aperiodic signals simply reflect the brain’s physical organization.BRAIN’S ‘BACKGROUND NOISE’ MAY HOLD CLUES TO PERSISTENT MYSTERIESELIZABETH LANDAUFEBRUARY 8, 2021QUANTA MAGAZINE
The chemical findings reflected the types of health issues seen in astronauts.SPACE TRAVEL MAY HARM HEALTH BY DAMAGING CELLS’ POWERHOUSESJACK J. LEEFEBRUARY 5, 2021SCIENCE NEWS FOR STUDENTS
For instance, the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine’s 95 percent efficacy means that it was 95 percent effective at preventing symptoms of covid-19 in trials, which didn’t quite reflect real-world conditions.VACCINE TERMS EXPLAINED: EFFICACY VS. EFFECTIVENESS, HERD IMMUNITY AND OTHERSALLYSON CHIUFEBRUARY 4, 2021WASHINGTON POST


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