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raw material

noun as in natural resources

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In coastal Guerrero and other parts of the state, mostly free, Afro-descendant mule drivers called arrieros carried raw materials between plantations, ports and cimarrones.

Verify will produce both digital and linear content for Tegna’s local stations, relying partly on audience-submitted questions as raw material that can be unpacked, debunked or explained further.

From Digiday

They need a steady supply of raw materials that isn’t always easy to get.

They simply claimed the right to treat our private lives as raw material for their profit.

From Time

We also worked on securing more materials pre- and postproduction—both ordering more raw materials for the masks and moving to a new packaging supplier in order to secure larger volumes of packaging so we wouldn’t bottleneck production.

From Fortune

The script would be used as more than just raw material, but would need to be fudged.

Coal is a raw material, used to make electricity and heat that powers factories, transportation systems, and lights.

For Winston Churchill, the Nazi threat gave a born writer the raw material of a lifetime.

What you do have to do is work with the raw material you have, namely you, and never let up.

What you have to do is work with the raw material you have, namely you, and never let up.

It makes out of the savage raw material which is our basal mental stuff, a citizen.

The comparison of the cost of production, therefore, with the value of the raw material, shows a very large margin of profit.

Not for a moment did she desire the raw material, the concrete substance, to which all dreams owe their being.

Sir Robert Peel then went over in detail some of the chief alterations proposed in duties on what is called raw material.

I watched admiringly while an entirely new Mary Belle was carved from the raw material of the old.


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