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If the fabric is folding or protruding at weird angles and adjusting the ear loops isn’t fixing the problem, try a different shape or style of mask that may be better suited to the shape of your face.

In recent years, the ocean has pulled wooden planks with protruding nails from lanais and fences and portions of concrete foundations into the pounding water, threatening the safety of anyone in the ocean or walking along the beach.

In another case, a man at Stateville spent months filing grievances and writing letters to prison officials about a protruding bolt near his bunk bed.

You also want a clip that pinches a pocket tightly, doesn’t protrude unnecessarily, or include parts that are sharp.

Based on Modigliani’s specimen, the striking lizard — notable for a horn that protrudes from its nose — got its official taxonomic description and name, Harpesaurus modiglianii, in 1933.

Caribou antlers protrude from the wood paneling on the walls with hollow gift-wrapped presents dangling from the dried bone.

Thus one saw only their heads which seemed to protrude from the clayey earth and were almost as yellow, with their closed eyes.

In this way all danger of causing the broken bones to protrude and thus "compounding" the fracture is also avoided.

Pines had grown in the swamp, and their stumps still protrude into or above the moss.

From it I could just distinguish through the fog a hand protrude, and throw something out—cigar-end?

The formation of the country is tertiary, resting on porphyry and quartz, ridges of which often protrude through the surface.


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