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adjective as in predatory

noun as in predatoriness

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Example Sentences

A kukri snake saws into its prey using its teeth like a steak knife, he says.

When an insect lands to sip the nectar, the carnivorous sundew slowly curls its leaves around it, releasing digestive enzymes that liquify its unsuspecting prey into a digestible meal.

It could have helped them grow big enough to take on bigger prey.

Unlike most birds of prey, these couples don’t merely tolerate each other.

Brevicaudosaurus jiyangshanensis may have lurked on the shallow seafloor, floating motionless until unsuspecting prey got too close, say researchers, who describe the new species October 28 in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology.

Meet the psychics preying on the elderly with a mail-order moneymaking gig that netted them millions a year.

Being a predator and preying on underage kids makes you a predator.

One familiar trope in the news cycle is the female high school and middle school teacher preying on a male student.

But young men have been “preying” on young women since the dawn of time.

Finally, there are criminal elements that seem to be preying on all sides of the conflict.

He may have meant no more than Emerson, who pictured ill health as a ghoul preying on the heart and life of its victims.

What to do for the best was the question preying upon both minds.

And in how many millions of homes was this same thing going on—this licensed preying of one personality upon another?

I found afterwards that he was lying to me and was preying upon my love for mother.

To save the mind from preying inwardly upon itself, it must be encouraged to some outward pursuit.


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