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noun as in something that indicates outcome or event beforehand

noun as in something that precedes another

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Not only do they come from myriad sources—asphalt is a big one, but paints and other products also release the precursor compounds to pollutants—but the chemical reactions that create these secondary compounds are also complex.

Continuously monitoring these types of carbon dioxide emissions in the Apennines and other seismically active regions, such as California and Japan, could reveal whether uprising gas is a precursor or product of quakes, he says.

SAC is also working on ways to verify the self-reported data behind the scores, as a precursor to making some of the data public next year.

Monkeys’ greater difficulty learning recursive sequences, relative to people, fits a scenario in which “this ability is evolutionarily ancient and could have been a precursor to the development of human grammar,” Ferrigno says.

Preserving some of the stylized features of its heavy precursor, the lighter Chalcidian helmet was also imbued with practical design upgrades that allowed its wearer to have better hearing and relatively unimpeded vision.

That convention, though poorly attended, was the precursor to the Constitutional Convention.

Postol and Lloyd were skeptical; hexamine is a common precursor chemical for military-grade explosives.

It includes a quote from Ehud Olmert, the interim Prime Minister of Israel in 2003, as a precursor to gameplay.

The clearest precursor of this scenario was Helios Airways Flight 522 flying from Cyprus to Athens in August 2005.

Previous drugs targeting amyloid precursor protein, or APP, have failed.

But this by no means exhausts the benefits derived from it, draining being merely the precursor of further improvement.

At the moment when they disappeared in the forest, the owl uttered its matutinal cry, the precursor of sunrise.

For this purpose, he said, the "Precursor Society" had been established, and was now in progress of enrolment.

There was still, however, an under-current of agitation: in fact, the late event was but the precursor to a more furious storm.

Mr. O'Connell was indefatigable in stirring up his Precursor Society and other similar machines of agitation.


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