[ pree-tawr-ee-uh n, -tohr- ]SEE DEFINITION OF praetorians
Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


It was now incumbent on the Praetorians to fulfil the conditions of the sale.

These became the unconscious Praetorians of their ill-gotten domains.

If I can take with me two or three of the Praetorians, I die content.

Nay, Caesar, fly tomorrow, and your Praetorians will see that you are not pursued.

Ten or twelve cohorts of the Praetorians and a handful of horse.

Worst symptom of all, its armies already bade fair to play the part of the Praetorians of the later Roman Empire.

The praetorians and the Macedonian legion shall be housed in quarters of which they will tell wonders for a long time to come.

They were two tribunes of the praetorians, but, notwithstanding their high grade, they were only young men of about twenty.

On the wide ascent leading to the Serapeum the praetorians stood awaiting Caesar's commands.

And yet—the praetorians will go through fire and water for you, if you deliver up this man to them as their booty.