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While we’re still in the midst of vaccine development, it’s quite plausible that an attack could happen to stall the progress or run a vaccine trial off-course.

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While this makes it slightly more plausible, the numbers are still way too high.

That immense energy just barely qualified the flash as the first plausible FRB from the Milky Way.

More frequent or disruptive lapses of attention “is one plausible explanation for why heavier media multitasking is correlated with poorer memory,” the team said.

GPT-3 can now generate pretty plausible-looking text, and it’s still tiny compared to the brain.

But I can comment on a few aspects of the plausibility of the story.

Can she interpret the works of George Gershwin, Duke Ellington, and Cole Porter with plausibility?

Right now the first key to assessing the plausibility of this discovery is: what would float and what would not?

So plausibility doesn't always matter—except when it's the characters who suddenly seem implausible.

The plausibility of an Alawite enclave, meanwhile, has been a subject for debate.

They did not believe that absolute truth was attainable by man; and they attacked the prevailing systems with great plausibility.

The demand was enforced by considerations which were not without plausibility, and were presented in a seductive form.

The Duchess was admirable, in conversation, for neglecting everything not essential to her present plausibility.

I find many facts which seem to indicate the plausibility of this idea.

You have always been a plausible talker, and you have cloaked many criminal acts under that plausibility.


On this page you'll find 34 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to plausibility, such as: believability, soundness, validity, chance, color, and credibility.

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