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antonyms of picking at

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Tressan was monstrous ill-at-ease, and his face lost a good deal of its habitual plethora of colour.ST. MARTIN'S SUMMERRAFAEL SABATINI
A fellow rudely clad—a hybrid between man-at-arms and lackey—lounged on a musket to confront them in the gateway.ST. MARTIN'S SUMMERRAFAEL SABATINI
She had forced herself to eat most of her soup, and now she was picking the flaky bits of a court bouillon with her fork.THE AWAKENING AND SELECTED SHORT STORIESKATE CHOPIN
Wonder if he's any relation to the man who pricked his fingers picking pickled peppers!DOROTHY AT SKYRIEEVELYN RAYMOND
(Picking up a book and settling himself comfortably in front of the fire) Tommy, if you can't find a book, sing or something.FIRST PLAYSA. A. MILNE
"Come and get a clean towel," said Jess, who noticed that Benny was already "picking into" his own mouth.THE BOX-CAR CHILDRENGERTRUDE CHANDLER WARNER
They walked along the track, picking out a church steeple here and there, forgetting for a moment the object of their search.THE BOX-CAR CHILDRENGERTRUDE CHANDLER WARNER
"You used to carry your tobacco in a rubber pouch," said Edna, picking up the pouch and examining the needlework.THE AWAKENING AND SELECTED SHORT STORIESKATE CHOPIN
They went together, picking their way across muddy streets and sidewalks encumbered with the cheap display of small tradesmen.THE AWAKENING AND SELECTED SHORT STORIESKATE CHOPIN
"Here are our canteens," he went on excitedly, picking both of the gasoline-cans out of the rumble.MOTOR MATT'S "CENTURY" RUNSTANLEY R. MATTHEWS


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