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What's new, in a state that has employed all-mail voting since 2014, is paranoia about the count and results.

That anxiety runs deep, even if the historical data doesn’t quite back up the paranoia.

From Fortune

Ghost tours capitalize on this hereditary paranoia by forcing the mind to wrestle with ambiguity.

The Red Scare injected paranoia into American culture, inducing a paralyzing dread at the prospect of Communist infiltration.

Following a Joe Rogan podcast appearance a few years back where McInnes talked of the Proud Boys as a gang and dropped the above “I want violence” line, there were dark murmurings and paranoia that the group had started to appear on the FBI’s radar.

From Ozy

Such was the corrosive paranoia of the time, fueled by McCarthy and abetted by Hoover.

Against this paranoia of recent history, Frank takes the long view that all disasters and destruction are natural.

But fear of something that is not actually a threat is not rightful fear, but rather paranoia.

Those who dream of a post-partisan future should note that paranoia has a habit of erasing traditional political boundaries.

That, in the absence of an explanation as to why, paranoia takes over.

Paranoia, as it is called, mild delusional insanity, may assert itself and then may persist for the rest of life.

The most significant consideration with regard to paranoia is the fact that it is practically always hereditary.

After the persecutory stage in paranoia, comes the third, or so-called expansive period of the disease.

There are usually three stages of paranoia described by authorities in mental diseases.

Krafft-Ebing said that he never saw a case of true and reasonably well developed paranoia without hereditary taint.


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