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noun as in craziness

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Earlier this year, Gross got a call about a woman who had recently given birth at the hospital and then turned up at an emergency room an hour and a half away with full-blown postpartum psychosis.

Schizophrenia, a common form of psychosis, tends to develop in the late teens to early 20s for men and the late 20s to early 30s for women—but a preliminary stage with milder symptoms usually precedes the full-blown condition.

When psychiatrists meet people in the prodromal phase, they use a standard set of interviews and cognitive tests to predict which will go on to develop psychosis.

Her research showed that the way we speak and write can reveal early indications of psychosis, and that computers can help us spot those signs with unnerving accuracy.

Strokes, confusion and psychosis were found among a group of 125 people hospitalized with infections of SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus behind the pandemic.

Fatigue, sadness, or psychosis is not about choice or laziness or selfishness.

A court-appointed doctor later concluded that Mindi had experienced postpartum psychosis.

The side effects from the dangerous cocktails of synthetics range from psychosis to death.

The synthetic cannabinoids sprayed on Spice can lead to severe psychosis, brain damage, strokes, or even death.

Some research suggests use can elevate the risk of psychosis in people already at risk.

When this occurs the person merges into a psychosis which may be called "hallucinatory confusion."

I learned of this notable psychosis from a bookkeeper of a large factory, who had to provide for the test of numberless additions.

A little skin disorder, Selznik's migraine, and a few cases of psychosis to make a new disease.

This continuing presence of the weird in literature shows the popular demand for it and must have some basis in human psychosis.

After this occurs precordial anxiety, and finally the psychosis proper consisting of three stages: 1.


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