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A study from Omar Wasow, recently published in the American Political Science Review, found the national backlash to 1960s riots was fierce — overwhelming support for the cause behind the protests.

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While there is search choice on the iPhone – Google, Bing, Yahoo or DuckDuckGo – the overwhelming majority of users don’t select one of those competitors.

Instagram ranking signals come and go, user behaviors keep changing, new formats emerge and fade away — combined, things to keep up with may appear overwhelming.

Cammack doesn’t have an overwhelming lead, so it’s entirely possible one of the other contenders might still best her today.

We’re all looking forward to different things, but it is very exciting to have enough sports to watch that it’s kind of overwhelming.

According to the video, the response was overwhelmingly positive.

It is also overwhelmingly pro-regime, and since the start of Syrian unrest the region has become a hotbed of pro-Assad activity.

Paid sick leave, personhood, you name it, all of them went in the progressive direction, most of them by overwhelmingly margins.

Yes, the stock market is booming but overwhelmingly Americans are unhappy with their economic situation—and for good reason.

And Americans overwhelmingly support eliminating mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent drug offenders.

It was merciless and terrible—so slightly, faintly indicated, yet so overwhelmingly convincing.

The fact alleged, then, is miraculous and important, and the evidence in proof of such a fact should be overwhelmingly strong.

They have been making a desperate fight to defeat the present mayor's relection and have been overwhelmingly defeated.

Will they go to the bad, or will they rise from the ashes, aristocrats indeed—if the Liberals come in overwhelmingly?

He persuaded you only because he was, for the time being, overwhelmingly persuaded himself.


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