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Now, at the ripe old age of 32, William must pull himself together, stop crying and grow up.

Unlike day octopuses, who reach a ripe old age at 15 months, brown-marbled and peacock grouper can easily live 40 years or longer.

For instance, he assures us that dementia is not necessarily an inevitable consequence of old age, that older people can in fact learn new things, and that doing the daily crossword puzzle is fine but flexes only a portion of your brain.

Those images revealed 46 growth bands, suggesting that this shark lived to the ripe old age of 46.

This less flexible medium causes our cells to change behavior, exhibiting signs of old age.

From Fortune

Now in his old age, Hitchcock develops crushes on young women, gives them money, and asks them to do God knows what.

Old age is the saddest and rarest way to go; I witnessed it only once.

The three basic ways for prisoners to die are old age, disease or violently.

Murder, suicide, illness, old age: These deaths stalk us all, but in prison, they collect us so much more cheaply.

Should she leave her husband and endure loneliness or tolerate his dalliance and keep a companion for old age?

But men, through neglecting the rules of health, pass quickly to old age, and die before reaching that term.

He has come to believe in such things as old age pensions and national insurance.

From affluence he came to want, and in his old age a fund was raised sufficient to purchase him an annuity of £600 a year.

That we will, and you never need want, Mark, for I've many a fine bone buried away against old age and rainy weather.

The staff officer replied that a pension of four hundred francs would save them from want in their old age.


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