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She probes and flexes her stylets under the skin to find these blood vessels, like the arms of an octopus reaching into the dark to carry out a dangerous deed.

After the sea pigs, a scattering of octopuses came into view.

While exploring a kelp forest, he discovers a female octopus and makes a commitment to go see her every day for a year to learn about her life and to see if she will befriend him.

What ensues is an incredibly beautiful film about the ecosystem of the kelp forest, the intelligence and amazing abilities of the octopus, and a man’s poignant relationship with a wild creature.

Other bacteria from this group make TTX in pufferfish, the blue-ringed octopus and sea snails.

Sadly, Paul the Octopus did not outlive his impressive but unpopular World Cup predictions by long.

It's at a time like this that Germans yearn most for Paul the Octopus, the great mollusk soothsayer for Germany.

The Oberhausen aquarium erected a memorial of the psychic octopus with a golden urn containing his ashes.

Octopus is one of those sleazy and boorish Americans whose instincts prove correct.

They are the Tarpon, the Falcon, the Sea Fox, and the Octopus.

Both Giddiness and the Ice-Maiden seize a man as an octopus seizes all within its reach.

But hapless flight: the Boodah is an octopus whose feelers reach far, and they, within her toils, cannot escape her omnipresence.

From the deeper trawling were obtained a large octopus and several interesting fish.

These animals belong to the same division—the Cephalopoda—as the cuttle-fish, the squid, and the octopus.

A darker, livid hue passed fleetingly over the pallid body of the octopus.


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