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What is another word for nonviable?

The sense of nonviable that’s applied to living things like embryos or plants essentially means “incapable of living” or “incapable of developing.”

Nonviable can also be used more generally to describe something that isn’t going to work or that isn’t practical.

Similar words include impractical, unworkable, infeasible, impracticable, and even impossible.

All of these suggest that something, such as a plan, won’t be able to be carried out or otherwise realized for practical reasons.

Is it nonviable or unviable?

Nonviable and unviable are both words. Nonviable is more commonly used and can be used generally and in the context of living things.

The very similar word unviable is often applied to things thought to be incapable of succeeding, especially business and financial ventures.

How do you use nonviable in a sentence?

Nonviable is perhaps most commonly used in scientific contexts, but it can also be used generally.

Here are some examples of nonviable in a sentence:

  • He experimented to determine which seeds were viable and which were nonviable.
  • The venture was found to be commercially nonviable after just a few months.
  • Over time, it becomes nonviable to keep retrofitting old tech.


On this page you'll find 201 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to nonviable, such as: absurd, illogical, impossible, improbable, quixotic, and speculative.

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