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On this page you'll find 11 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to needled, such as: bored, dented, embossed, imprinted, pierced, and null.

How to use needled in a sentence

  • Afterward, walking down a snowy Moscow street in the dark, I needled Paul a little.

  • The bartender had a consolation boilermaker waiting; he gulped half of it before he realized it had been needled with ether.

    Police Your Planet | Lester del Rey
  • A high, thin whine—a wordless vibration of eloquence—needled out of the darkness into their ears.

    Deadly City | Paul W. Fairman
  • "Cosmic rays, perhaps," needled Smithy, and became instantly sorry when his friend's face began to redden.

    When I Grow Up | Richard E. Lowe
  • He grinned at himself, then something needled at his mind, until he swung back.

    Police Your Planet | Lester del Rey
  • These rocks, all notched and needled and bristling, had a savage look.

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