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[ puhnch ]SEE DEFINITION OF punched

Synonyms for punched

  • bored
  • dented
  • embossed
  • imprinted
  • needled
  • pierced
  • pricked
  • punctured
  • stamped
  • tapped
  • dinted
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If you miss any meals, your ticket is good until it is punched.

In Sidney's lap lay a small pasteboard box, punched with many holes.

Then Coryston turned, laughing, to his brother Arthur, and punched him in the ribs.

I could have punched him for the smile, but instead I took other measures.

He was silent for a moment while he punched back and shoulders with a searching thumb.

And he held me off by the shoulders, and punched my ribs, and hustled me into his berth.

The derelict's forehead is punched in, starred across, and rent diagonally.

He punched the emergency power button, and waited an instant.

"I'd like to have punched Merrick's head for tying me up," growled Tom.

"I told you you had a punched meal ticket," he said bitterly.


"to thrust, push; jostle;" also, "prod, to drive (cattle, etc.) by poking and prodding," late 14c., from Old French ponchonner "to punch, prick, stamp," from ponchon "pointed tool, piercing weapon" (see punch (n.1)). Meaning "to pierce, emboss with a tool" is from early 15c.; meaning "to stab, puncture" is from mid-15c. To punch a ticket, etc., is from mid-15c. To punch the clock "record one's arrival at or departure from the workplace using an automated timing device" is from 1900. Related: Punched; punching.

Specialized sense "to hit with the fist" first recorded 1520s. Cf. Latin pugnare "to fight with the fists," from a root meaning "to pierce, sting." In English this was probably influenced by punish; "punch" or "punsch" for "punish" is found in documents from 14c.-15c.:

To punch (someone) out "beat up" is from 1971.