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noun as in whiskers

noun as in whiskers

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For creating a 90s Gen-X goatee or simply shaving off everything but the mustache, this trimmer is a powerful tool capable of getting into small spaces.

Know what type of beard or mustache you have, and what type of products will take your facial hair game from college scruff to whatever is happening with David Letterman’s chin.

So then he says, “If you’re gonna get on in this country, you’ve gotta shave that mustache because people are gonna think you’re a Muslim, and we don’t like Muslims around here.”

I remember we were shooting Borat in 2005 or 2006, and there’s a bit in the film where Sacha has a mustache and realtively dark skin, and the guy who’s running the rodeo tells him to shave his mustache.

That’s an extraordinary thing to say to a guy who isn’t a Muslim and just is walking around with a mustache.

From the few photographs of him, we see a stout man with deep Indian features, a thick mustache and stoic face.

They have no reference point other than seeing the Mad Men dudes, or reading one article on Milk and Honey, and like a mustache.

My prom date, Red, sported a wiry mustache and drove a black-and-gold Camaro.

When the mustache-twirler asks her why she helped him, she says, “I know what you want.”

You know, like, throw on a sombrero and a poncho, maybe draw a mustache on my face?

Half a dozen men in that room had the same shade of hair and mustache, and the same ordinary blue eyes.

He had a waxed mustache which he was in the habit of twisting whenever in deep thought.

Kip Burland also recognized the handsome, energetic man with the sleek black hair and small, waxed mustache.

Carlson frowned, remained dramatically silent for a moment while he twisted his mustache.

Garnache leaned there, in that friendly shelter, to breathe, and he smiled grimly under cover of his mustache.


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