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noun as in vermin

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They initially activated the central amygdala cells to give mice pain relief when they were in a box painted with shapes and stripes.

So far, this hope has been validated in mice and ferret models.

He is also developing protocols that would allow commercial companies to grow organoids the same way chemical industries make reagents or mice suppliers grow rodents for research.

Scientists have used optogenetics to make mice fight, mate and eat, and even given blind mice sight.

In 2017, Reichelt was part of a team that fed adolescent mice high-fat foods to see how it affected their brains.

A just-published study in the journal Nature explored how mice reacted to a diet of artificial sweeteners.

Then again, are all mice with round heads and ears copyrighted by Disney?

Without the beeps and whirs of a cellphone, you can use your ears to detect crickets, mice, or other vermin in your home.

And Leighton Meester pens feminist essay on 'Of Mice and Men.'

The mice were grafted with 100% hairless human skin and then administered the drug.

The old show rooms were left to the mice and ghosts, but the more modern suites were all to be occupied.

She enjoyed sitting in the sunshine; she liked to feast upon the dainty little mice; and, oh, dear me!

So they obeyed the old yellow Man-in-the-Moon and scampered like little white mice back to bed.

From long and short trails they came, hundreds and hundreds of mice, for all had heard the warriors boast of their strength.

The warriors who boasted that they were the strongest and fiercest on the earth, had been made powerless by mice.


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