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adjective as in charismatic

adjective as in hypnotic

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Example Sentences

Today’s Daily Dose dives into gold in all its mesmerizing forms to see whether it’s still worth the glory.

From Ozy

Yet even as she’s doing her best to do her worst by everyone else, Maud is no less mesmerizing or tragically vulnerable.

From Vox

She was uncannily smart and empathetic, with a mesmerizing wild streak.

Watching a video is not as mesmerizing as really riding a train, of course, and not nearly so demanding as driving one.

Covid-19 has spawned some popular animal sightings, including the Western tanager bird that mesmerized New Yorkers and peacocks on the loose in Los Angeles.

Even the track, a mesmerizing torch song called “Before I Ever Met You,” was only available via an obscure SoundCloud link.

But Swinton is incapable of being anything less than mesmerizing.

And that showdown between Vee and Gloria was one of the most mesmerizing sequences ever on OITNB.

This first-person video is mesmerizing, terrifying, and awe-inspiring.

At 28, Eleanor Catton became the youngest ever winner of the Booker Prize with her swirling, mesmerizing epic The Luminaries.

The long harangue, delivered as a chant, had long ago had a mesmerizing effect on her audience.

Others have the same power that snakes have, though vastly intensified, mesmerizing their victims from afar.

We had heard a great deal of his curing a blacksmith of tic-douloureux by mesmerizing him.

Have you never heard of strong wills mesmerizing weaker ones into submission?

Outside, the mesmerizing snow was falling with a soft, silent persistence.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for mesmerizing?

Mesmerizing is used to describe someone or something that captures your complete attention. It’s an adjective form of the verb mesmerize, which, in its literal sense, means “to hypnotize” or, more figuratively, “to spellbind” or “to fascinate.”

Synonyms of mesmerizing include forms of these words. Hypnotic, hypnotizing, spellbinding, bewitching, enthralling, and transfixing all suggest a trancelike state or an element of a magic (though often a figurative one). Fascinating, captivating, engrossing, and magnetic all describe someone or something that has captured someone’s attention completely. The word dazzling often means both captivating and impressive.

What is the opposite (antonym) of mesmerising?

People or things that are considered mesmerising are those that capture our attention in an almost hypnotic way. Those that are considered the opposite are those that push us away—make us not want to be around them or observe them at all. The words repellent and repulsive both imply this by suggesting a strong negative reaction (like the literal and figurative opposite of magnetic).

Sometimes, though, the opposite of something that’s mesmerizing is something that’s just boring or uninteresting.

How do you use mesmerizing in a sentence?

Mesmerizing can be used to describe anything that captures your attention—including people and things.

Here are some examples of mesmerizing in a sentence:

  • The film is mesmerizing—I found myself completely under its spell from start to finish.
  • He is a mesmerizing speaker known for captivating his audiences. 
  • There are few things as mesmerizing as a flock of starlings dazzling you with its unpredictable, undulating movements.

On this page you'll find 118 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to mesmerizing, such as: appealing, alluring, charming, hypnotic, larger than life, and magnetic.

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