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Tom has been buried so deep under his wife’s thumb for three seasons that the idea that he would do anything but meekly accept their machinations seemed ludicrous to me.

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In terms of inclusion, it very meekly nudged the status quo by hiring one autistic person for the supporting cast and one for the social media team, but that was the extent of autistic inclusion in the show’s autistic story.

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The vast majority of elected Republicans have demonstrated their cravenness by falling meekly into line.

Instead, black models are required to remain meekly, silently off stage, waiting for a turn that may never come.

Bob Cratchit, the clerk who is the father of Tiny Tim and who meekly serves Scrooge, is paid fifteen shillings a week.

Devastated and utterly embarrassed, I meekly raised my hand.

Nothing edifies Davis in the film apart from his music, but even that is conveyed meekly.

Surely the party can tolerate a few midlevel leaders, especially younger ones, meekly supporting the policy.

A pimply-faced office boy elbowed him out of it and the man turned away meekly.

Tom meekly did as he was bid, but in his heart there raged the passions of a demon, and he swore Mark Grafton should die.

It made me smile to remember how mature Patsy had been when I meekly ran her errands and gladly wore her yoke in the old days.

I call the Most High to witness—she submitted to all my demands meekly, as though she were no eaglet, but a tethered lamb!

For the rest he studied early and late, and experienced the doubtful glory, and accepted meekly the reproach, of being a grind.


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