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As our brains mature from childhood to adulthood, we also undergo apoptosis.

Scientists Say: ApoptosisBethany BrookshireNovember 30, 2020Science News For Students

Serious soundSmart speakers that talk just turned five, and you can actually hear them maturing.

“He was a monster,” Gur said of the player then maturing before Israel’s eyes.

As the product category expands and matures, more adoption is almost certainly likely—in either case, it’s good to know that some of the big guns still feel strongly about its potential.

The category has matured to offer an interesting range of options for children across a wide span of ages, shedding some of its earlier reliance on Disney IP in favor of more original ideas.

The dynamic within the duo, which never fully matured, cannot be repaired, surgically or emotionally.

As a child ages, their ability to verbalize their fears and worries typically matures.

At the end of puberty, they’ll be at adulthood — the stage where an organism is mentally and physically mature.

Scientists Say: PubertyBethany BrookshireNovember 23, 2020Science News For Students

You want the cattle that's easiest handled, and easiest sold, and that matures quickest and keeps in best condition.

Saddle and MocassinFrancis Francis Jr.

The berry when unripe is orange color and suggested the name Drops of Gold, but becomes bright red when it matures in June.


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