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By then — it was the Cold War — the Beards’ somewhat Marxist view of history was falling out of favor among historians, as was economic history generally.

They are calling for legislative changes to make society more equal, including health and education reforms, as well as police reform, and better implementation of Colombia’s peace accords with Marxist revolutionary groups.

From Time

A crushing sense of poverty and alienation in the populace, leading to openly fascist groups marching in the streets and Marxist radicalization fomenting in the universities.

In Maoist times, Monkey has even been proclaimed a Marxist revolutionary, intent on overturning the oppressive imperial order.

He launched himself into a life as a Marxist and activist in neighboring South Africa, where he studied at the University of Witwatersrand.

From Ozy

He does not hesitate to hide some Marxist books from her library because she fears that the military could use them against her.

“The song was awkward for Marxist critics because of its apathetic character,” the scholar Franz Mennemeier noted.

Should an avowed Marxist professor whose field of study is the 0.01 percent therefore be paid $15,000,000 a year?

But the tell came when Dononue was asked about Rush Limbaugh's denuncation of the pope as a "Marxist."

But Limbaugh calls Francis a Marxist, and Donohue says Limbaugh is within his rights.

The Marxist system points us to an accumulation of revolutionary forces in the modern world.

But if there is any logic about the Marxist, it should be his declared political end for which he should work without ceasing.

The second is the theory of absolute rent, a brilliant and acute deduction from the Marxist theory of value.

Whether the Marxist theory of value be correct or not, is quite immaterial to the proof of surplus labour.

Once more we raise the Marxist slogan and cry: "The emancipation of the workers must be the work of the workers themselves."


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