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noun as in servant

noun as in servile follower

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Example Sentences

A buck-naked Jamal—don't ask—is dealing with the lackey by beating him in a bathroom.

Bassam shouts, just as Jamal slices into the screaming lackey's fingers with a straight razor.

When Wayne returns, the U.S. government sends its lackey Superman to pound some sense into Batman.

Last term Netanyahu gave the post to his lackey Yuval Steinitz, who was never heard from again.

An aide named Miles Lackey was sitting in the front passenger seat.

A fellow rudely clad—a hybrid between man-at-arms and lackey—lounged on a musket to confront them in the gateway.

The soldier lackey resigned the reins to Rabecque, and requested Monsieur de Garnache to follow him.

But mindful of her fears, he dispatched one of the troopers to stand sentry outside her door whilst he and his lackey supped.

He turned to Rabecque, and the sight of his face sent the lackey back a pace or two in very fear.

Rabecque, reflecting his master's mood—as becomes a good lackey—rode silent and gloomy a pace or two in the rear.


On this page you'll find 42 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to lackey, such as: attendant, butler, domestic, drudge, factotum, and flunky/flunkey.

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