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adjective as in inmost

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To help them cope, teams of psychologists, therapists and counselors were dispatched to the sites to comfort and help stabilize those in the innermost circles.

Groundedness is about ditching an omnipresent restlessness to begin living in alignment with your innermost values, pursuing your true interests, and expressing your authentic self in the here and now.

For others, it’s high art sculpted around the human body—an abstract language composed of lines, shapes and textures with the ability to translate our innermost selves into terms the material world can understand.

From Time

So much of the experience of TikTok feels like being funneled into increasingly niche categories that, because TikTok’s home feed is literally called the “For You” page, supposedly reflects some referendum on your innermost self.

From Vox

The innermost planets seem to be rocky, with densities similar to Earth’s.

After all, the innermost sexual longings of presidents, both living and dead, have long been the stuff of rumor and conjecture.

Our innermost thoughts offered up to old friends from high school are there to be seen by some voyeuristic devil in Tasmania.

The “bonded leather” journal will offer “readers and aspiring writers a place where they can record their innermost thoughts.”

That may prove as challenging as Romney revealing his innermost self.

But if Hoover could bug the innermost sanctum of the Supreme Court, nothing was sacred for the FBI.

In the innermost, Atock, our locomotive engineer, and I chummed together.

Yet some little cell of innermost memory, stirring out of sleep, had surely given up its dead.

The membrane of the nucleus usually constitutes the innermost coat of the seed.

By degrees it became evident to him that the evil one was always at work, both inside and outside his innermost heart.

He seemed to be studying him afresh, as though he were trying to read his innermost thoughts.


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