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While Solyndra’s downfall received a lot of spilled ink in the media, Solyndra was actually one of only two failures.

They had even encouraged voters to use felt tip pens for ballots, saying the ink dries fast and is easy for scanners to read.

Sometimes voters forget to sign at all, or use the wrong color ink.

Gary Crockett’s play on the Pledge of Allegiance to ask about The Republic Forwhichistan brings him his 15th Style Invitational win, and a few steps closer to the Hall of Fame with career inks 469, 470 and 471.

Victure’s pocket printer comes with an ink cartridge and 10 sheets of photo paper, so you can start printing photos immediately.

On the flipside, he predicts ink on a stimulus deal would be “an incremental catalyst that could be worth another 5% of upside to the market over the coming months,” he told Fortune via email.

You can use the Kodak App or the Bluetooth-enabled connection to select your photos and print them with high-quality ink.

As researchers develop dynamic tattoos, they’ll need to study the safety of the high-tech inks.

Darkness was inking the sky as Penny drew up at the end of the road.

The Secret PactMildred A. Wirt

A primer of information about the composition, manufacture, and care of inking rollers.

The Uses of ItalicFrederick W. Hamilton

opposites of inking

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