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Then, plan to update your individual messages with audio cues that are specific to each campaign.

Political science shows us that voters follow cues from their parties, and are more likely to change their opinions on issues to align with their partisan identity than they are to change their partisan identity to fit with preexisting opinions.

We rely on direct eye contact and small facial cues and miss them when they’re gone.

To promote safety on the road, it is a “heads-up” game, relying on audio cues rather than asking players to stare at a screen.

The reason we see a circle, when the eye gets an ellipse, is because of a variety of visual cues and our knowledge of the world.

Instead, the writers had to rely on visual cues and ambiance.

The same applies to other visual cues that tend to go unremarked.

Minaj further mystifies her motives by layering these terrifying, offensive visual cues with her own totally incongruous lyrics.

When we did it in the dress rehearsal one of the music cues was late and we both flubbed a rap line.

Despite all the visual cues which might suggest otherwise, Manning was adamant that he was not trying to promote himself.

Do I understand that billiard cues have also taken to hunger-striking?

But, while we have time, tell me my cues, for I share your opinion of the Duke of Alva.

At 14, I wasn't super-sure what a wizard was supposed to sound like, but I could take my cues from the movies and novels.

The facts are very questionable, but we have no other cues for determining that menstruation is taking place.

We select the things that we hope or trust are cues to meaning.


On this page you'll find 25 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to cues, such as: hint, suggestion, clue, tip-off, prompt, and intimation.

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