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True to its name, the batch I made was virtually inedible and could have doubled as sidewalk chalk.

Now, engineers have fashioned a new strain of yeast that can convert this inedible debris into ethanol, a biofuel.

As the name implies, this type needs to be freed of their inedible pods before consumption.

These flat pods are picked when the seeds within are just beginning to take shape, but if allowed to mature further, the pod becomes tough and inedible, requiring the seeds to be shelled to be eaten.

Groats are the entire kernel of the oat, with just the inedible husk removed.

After determining that the bee pollen and mushroom broth were inedible, the “detox” quickly went downhill.

When he served in base with a privatized mess hall, dinner was "inedible."

Menhaden fish, found near the surface of the water, are inedible but are now being used for making fertilizer and oil in Virginia.

They were all legs and teeth and bristly fur, the meat almost inedible.

In India the bird is considered inedible, but we were glad of it in Tibet, and discovered no trace of fishy flavour.

Camembert at its best is one of the finest of all cheeses; when bad, it becomes quickly inedible and is a total loss.

As with other valuable things, this inedible fruit is food for quarrelling.


On this page you'll find 27 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to inedible, such as: uneatable, bad, bitter, contaminated, disagreeable, and indigestible.

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