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adjective as in connotative

adjective as in denotative

adjective as in denotive

adjective as in designative

adjective as in designatory

adjective as in referring

adjective as in suggesting

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Example Sentences

PayPal’s bullishness on cryptocurrencies, Schulman implied, is based on early response to last month’s crypto offering.

From Fortune

The first number implies that it has managed to monetize well as its usage, the second number, has spiked.

Those facts don’t imply that pandemic-induced friction won’t add up.

A natural assumption to make since the name “passage indexing” implies…erm… “passage” and “indexing.”

The way she writes her songs, just guitar and vocals, she implies where the drums are going to be.

Ferret is a carefully chosen comparison, implying diligence but absolutely no imagination.

However, even reputable news sources and well meaning celebrities are guilty of implying that she should have known better.

The researchers found that leaky gut preceded inflammation, implying that the leakiness plays a key role in disease development.

What they are implying,” she sputtered, “is beneath contempt!

The judge did rule that one respondent crossed the line by implying that Im Tirtzu espouses Nazi race theory.

In Roman times it received the dignity of a municipium—implying municipal status and Roman citizenship for its free inhabitants.

The verb “to bag,” for instance, is in jocular use for implying a petty appropriation of property.

The dog came up, licked his hand, and made signs implying that he expected some great reward for signal services rendered.

Oak cast his eyes down the field in a way implying that it was useless to attempt argument.

Milton occasionally, however, uses the word merely in the sense of magician or magical, without implying contempt: see Lyc.


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