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verb as in think of very highly; worship

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I idolize the profundity of Keatsian love letters, but on most days, affection is best communicated over a video call, watching my partner roll his eyes at my suggestion of the next trash TV we should watch.

From Ozy

The first issue is that idolizing professional athletes is bad for everyone.

If they want to idolize him, let them do it on private property.

He idolized running back LaDainian Tomlinson, and even though his parents made sure to keep him involved in other activities — baseball, soccer, track — football spoke to him in ways no other sport could.

Brina, internalizing the racism of her peers, idolized her father and was “cruel” to her mother.

Who would you rather see naked—a total stranger, or someone you think you know and idolize?

He tells me that it does weird him out when he meets those who—and he hates to use these words—idolize or worship him.

I get starstruck by women who I truly idolize, such as her and Kristen Wiig.

Most of the super fans I spoke to spend a lot of time on cam sites or pay for one-on-one Web chats with the girls they idolize.

As long as we have baby-boomer nostalgia and Internet gossip, the tendencies to idolize or vandalize will be indulged.

He looked as if his division might idolize him, as it was said they did.

What was becoming weirdly clear was that these two really did idolize M1k3y, and that they'd do anything I said.

He does so, and finds there a little girl, whom he believes to be his own child, and whom he at once begins to idolize.

But the English people idolize Garibaldi, and receive him with a burst of enthusiasm unexampled in fervor.

Hitherto mankind has often been tempted by preconceived notions to idolize vain things.


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