Thesaurus / exuding


He’s sitting across from me, arms crossed, face scowling, exuding bad energy.

The quartet of astronauts — three from NASA, one from Japan that make up what NASA calls Crew-1 — exudes optimism and camaraderie.

Naghungaw ang yútà human sa ulan, The ground is exuding a stench after the rain.

He was a tawny giant, exuding a force and virility and a compelling magnetism that gripped one instantly.

Square Deal SandersonCharles Alden Seltzer

The skin of his face must have been giving him great pain, for it was scarlet in places and exuding from sun-blisters.

With Edged ToolsHenry Seton Merriman

Exuding a curious pungent aroma, she placed a long finger on her red, thin lips and slipped away again.

At one time the exuding sap gave, I am told by two different observers, icicles a foot long.

The exuding oil made a charmed circle about the sloop, into which the agencies of the gale could not venture.

Swept Out to SeaW. Bertram Foster

A medley of damp tins of varied sizes showed in the gloom, exuding a mouldy odour.

The Riddle of the SandsErskine Childers

In a few instances, however, the exuding discharge gives evidence of what has happened.

Diseases of the Horse's FootHarry Caulton Reeks


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