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Electricity, I contend, is the invisible force which evolves form and substance and all visible things.

It is not by dividing the evolved that we shall reach the principle of that which evolves.

Creative EvolutionHenri Bergson

The Church, being a part of society, evolves as society evolves.

The nurse's response to these calls is individual and evolves from who one is as person and nurse.

It evolves sufficient heat to melt more than its own weight of ice every hour.

The Life RadiantLilian Whiting

This mould or humus, being acted on by moisture and air, evolves carbonic acid, which is dissolved by rain.

It is not collected in haphazard, accidental aggregations, but evolves according to its proper laws and special properties.

On the Genesis of SpeciesSt. George Mivart

And each cell, considered separately, evolves in a specific way.

Creative EvolutionHenri Bergson

That is because the violence of the emotion, by some chemical action, evolves poison.

Not GuiltyRobert Blatchford

The life that evolves on the surface of our planet is indeed attached to matter.

Creative EvolutionHenri Bergson


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