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noun as in an age

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This is due partly to the lack of chromosome-level genomic information and partly to the suspicion that eons of evolutionary change have washed away any clues about that...

As parts of planetary bodies that have formed and evolved over literal eons, scientists can gain important cosmological insights from studying these fallen space rocks.

Some older theories suggest that gas giants are a product of rock and ice aggregating as it circles the Sun, gathering a cloud of solids and, later, gases like hydrogen and helium over eons.

You can traverse eons by brushing your fingers over the layers of a cliff wall.

That means, in theory, at least one extra planet may have been whizzing around the sun in eons past, knocking Neptune for a loop.

Bush ran his last competitive race in 1998, an eon ago in political terms.

Each change was supposed to denote the birth of some angel or celestial being known as an Eon.

Action with a purpose is deliberate; it involves a consciously foreseen end and a mental weighing of considerations pro and eon.

He descended to the edge of the clearing and picked his way through the debris of some eon-old geologic catastrophe.

After what seemed an eon it struck the edge of the subway kiosk, bounced like a rag doll and sprawled across the pavement.

After what seemed an eon of waiting, he ventured another look ahead.


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