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adverb as in stubbornly

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If you’ve ever seen someone — not yourself, of course — clinging doggedly to a flawed position to try to win an argument, you’ve witnessed a small instance of how what Hobbes termed a desire for “dominion” can distort reasoning.

It may even mean removing some of the top executives responsible for doggedly implementing the deny-reality strategy over the past 10 years.

They set productivity goals for quarantine that go beyond doggedly drinking their way through their liquor cabinet.

From Eater

This year, living cells were found in another of the least hospitable environments on Earth, showing how doggedly life can hang on.

Over 400 pages, she doggedly tracks down primary sources and digs for decades-old documents.

And never have I met a group of people as doggedly convinced that their opinion is “objectively” correct as gamers.

But it is doggedly, almost deliberately mediocre in every way.

“He was never swayed by anyone or anything,” Bergé stated doggedly of his partner.

But the Hasidic communities that doggedly stick to a living, breathing Yiddish use different dialects.

The producer, Jonathan Koch, doggedly badgered her into taking the part.

“You'll go up them 'ere stairs, young 'oman; you'll not put a foot in the kitchen to-night,” he says more doggedly.

He went down the first canyon that opened in that direction, ploughing doggedly ahead into the unknown.

All except Betty, who kept on desperately, doggedly, her muscles barely able to respond to the last call she was making upon them.

Sure, he had wanted to reach the stars, had fought doggedly to come to the very spot where he now was.

He persisted doggedly, and did his best like a man, but in his secret heart not one grain of hope was left.


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