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On this page you'll find 24 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to curio, such as: trinket, bauble, collectible, toy, trifle, and whatnot.

How to use curio in a sentence

  • There must be at least twenty-five dollars' worth of pure gold in that slug if there's a penny—let alone its curio value.

  • But what was my amazement, as the light fell upon the face of him who bore it, to see not curio but Isaac.

    Aurelian | William Ware
  • There is much haggling over the price of a curio, and but little chance of a bargain.

    Over the Rocky Mountains to Alaska | Charles Warren Stoddard
  • Then her lantern sought out a curio cabinet, of glass sides and gilded frame, standing in a corner.

    To Him That Hath | Leroy Scott
  • As he passed the drawing-room door he saw Kate bending in front of the open curio cabinet.

    To Him That Hath | Leroy Scott

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