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come to grips with

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  • verbdeal with
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Synonyms for come to grips with

verb deal with
  • bear
  • bite the bullet
  • brace
  • brave
  • confront
  • contend
  • cope with
  • endure
  • face
  • go to the mat
  • grapple with
  • make a stand
  • stomach
  • suffer
  • sustain
  • take
  • withstand

More words related to come to grips with

face the music

verb. accept the consequences
  • be punished
  • bite the bullet
  • come to grips with
  • face the facts
  • face up to
  • face up to it
  • grin and bear it
  • look square in the eye
  • make one's bed and lie on it
  • pay the piper
  • swallow the pill
  • take one's lumps
  • take one's medicine
  • take the consequences

run the gauntlet

verb. go through an ordeal
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