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The link could be forged by many overlapping streamers coalescing into a single channel of electric current, or by contact between single streamers from each leader.
If 80 percent of the country is dissatisfied with the moral condition of the United States, it seems likely that some significant portion of that group might coalesce around perceived opportunities to change directions.
These 12 stories, set in the same universe as Goldberg’s 2014 novel, Gangsterland, are anchored in southern California’s Inland Empire, and coalesce into a stirring portrait of the region.
Local tea party groups coalesced and at times put forward candidates for office.
QAnon represents a sprawling set of false claims that have coalesced into an extremist ideology that has radicalized its followers, some of whom participated in the Capitol attack.
Maybe our af­filiations would coalesce around local neighborhoods or around those who we know best, with the global population splintering into millions of micro-nations.
Instead, they may have coalesced behind a few leaders with a vague plan who took advantage of weak defenses and mob mentality.
Longevity research has long been fragmented, but it’s starting to coalesce into a multidisciplinary field.
As the team coalesces, the torrid start may serve as a floor for what they are capable of.
In the simplest telling, it held that our Milky Way galaxy came together nearly 14 billion years ago when enormous clouds of gas and dust coalesced under the force of gravity.


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