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adverb as in in a clever manner

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That’s because the cloud is a clever choreographer, who makes her most important curtain call late at night.

Humans in ancient times lacked smartphones and spaceflight, but we know from studying philosophers such as Buddha and Aristotle that they were just as clever.

While backlinking still helps with Bing SEO, clever and contextual keyword utilization is much more relevant.

There’s also the clever workaround to long sought for rainbow crosswalks, appearing in cities across America but blocked here by federal highway officials.

The game also employs some clever physics, with game action impacting speed and steering.

Hooters is cleverly asking me to “Give a Hoot” about breast cancer.

Eschliman also cleverly referred to non-heterosexuals as "the LGBTQXYZ crowd."

We are sending them into a highly charged and complex situation which is being cleverly manipulated by Moscow.

Aronofsky's extrapolations are cleverly calibrated to "answer" all the questions left unanswered in the original story.

He cleverly defended fundraising efforts on behalf of the Greek military in Britain as a matter of free enterprise.

The wave-like movement of these animals is particularly graceful and cleverly done.

Cleverly though they manipulate, cleanliness is not their besetting weakness.

Very carefully and cleverly she began to whiten her face, to touch up her eyes and her narrow, definite eyebrows.

I might have put him on a false scent, just as cleverly and unsuspiciously as I dare say he could put me; but I've not done it.

However cleverly the pill was gilded, the Marshal knew that it was the Emperor's distrust which had lost him the command.


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