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verb as in giggle

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“I wish good luck to the other pitchers,” Soto said with a chuckle.

Immediately my cheeks flushed, while the chuckles of my colleagues filled the awkward silence.

You got a good chuckle at the expense of my imprecise wording.

I got a good chuckle out of finding it stuffed in a corner of my house, because it reminded me of how long my now year-old mountain-bike apparel brand, Cosmic Dirt, was in the making, and how it was destined to be bigger than myself.

You probably know better than to inhale oil, but it’s worth taking extra precautions to avoid any errant chuckles or gasps while your mouth is full of fat.

“I have no idea how many of them have had military training before,” he tells me later with a chuckle.

“We need to call it something else,” Mitchell offered with a chuckle.

She would of course always come clean, after everyone enjoyed an awkward chuckle.

“During the test, we tried all the dances and I nailed none of them,” says Boseman with a chuckle.

A group of local teens in the small town got a chuckle out of the “rich kid” driving a “funny ass car.”

Ruefully Aristide found no answers save in the general chuckle-headedness of mankind.

His chuckle stopped as lightning flare threw the shadow of a man across the ground at Joseph's feet.

Jones said this with a chuckle and a sly expression in his face, as he glanced meaningly at his companion.

"It would be a highly indecent spectacle, my dear," said the vicar with a chuckle.

His free hand closed over hers, but she snatched her own away with indignation that ended in a chuckle.


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