Synonyms for carbon-dioxide

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The reduction of the carbon-dioxide would be even more gradual.

Then air-rejuvenator apparatus reseparated it from the carbon-dioxide you exhaled, so that you could use it over and over.

A part is expelled by the lungs as carbon-dioxide, or as it is generally though less correctly termed, carbonic acid.

Every molecule of carbon-dioxide that crystallized out took two atoms of oxygen with it, completely out of circulation.

In the form of carbon-dioxide the leaves eat up the carbon and oxygen from the atmosphere.

The warmth and the habitability of the earth's surface is due to the presence of water-vapor and carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere.

They contained a carbon-dioxide cartridge and could be inflated simply by squeezing them, which punctured the cartridge.

Depressions in the carbon-dioxide snow where the hundred-foot pad-feet of ships' landing-legs had pressed down.

But the planetesimal hypothesis has no room for this enormous percentage of carbon-dioxide in the primitive atmosphere.

Whatever excess of carbon-dioxide there may have been in the early atmosphere was cleared by the Coal-forests.