[ bawr-ing, bohr- ]SEE DEFINITION OF borings

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And they sunk these borings, at different spots' i' my land, and the result was splendid.

Care should be taken to avoid and eliminate all borings and chips from the sample.

But it is not often that borings come to be made in river alluvia.

In the year 1850 borings were commenced in the mud deposit of the Nile.

Borings at different places show the fen soil to vary in depth from 24ft.

Borings in the delta of the Mississippi show soils and remains of trees at many levels, alternating with river silts.

The pest is easily discovered through the exudation from the infested part of gum mixed with borings and excreta.

After a careful set of borings, we came upon water at a depth of 180 and 120 feet respectively.

Borings to great depths have been made in various parts of the earth, both for artesian wells as well as for the shafts of mines.

Henriksen has for the most part made these borings, and is a trustworthy man for this work.