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Though the episode ends on a close-up of her husband’s eyes, Kidman’s remain our window into Grace’s shock, her betrayal — her, well, undoing.

It’s also designed to examine less playful, more destructive betrayals of trust.

As I can testify firsthand, napping while working from home can feel like a betrayal of trust, a breach of the social contract that assumes that you’re still hammering away even when your manager can’t see you.

The moment early on in the film when someone she loves betrays her by slicing off her wings — ostensibly in order to “save” her — comes off like an excruciating form of conversion therapy.

Toward a queer Disney canonEmily VanDerWerffSeptember 4, 2020Vox

Equating antifa with QAnon betrays how Facebook fundamentally doesn’t grasp the issue.

The indigo labyrinths of the flies’ small intestines light up with fiery fuchsia in micrographs, betraying an ominous buildup of molecules that destroy DNA and cause cellular damage.

Why Sleep Deprivation KillsVeronique GreenwoodJune 4, 2020Quanta Magazine

They must do everything, or they are betraying their kids, which forced them to race through the curriculum lest their kids are not ready.

Was there no fear of betrayal through the servants at Harmony?

The punishment for betrayal of secrecy was "the extreme penalty of the Law."

The Sequel of AppomattoxWalter Lynwood Fleming

Yes; his trusted servant has betrayed him, and never did master more repent a trust, or suffer greater pain by its betrayal.

The Death ShotMayne Reid


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Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.