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So the fact that we feel more painful when we lose $20 than when we gain $20, that might cause us to be far more risk-averse than we should be.CAN I ASK YOU A RIDICULOUSLY PERSONAL QUESTION? (EP. 451)STEPHEN J. DUBNERFEBRUARY 11, 2021FREAKONOMICS
When we moved down here, we weren’t sure when we would start the restaurant, and the difference between Patrick and me is that I’m generally more risk-averse and he’s more of a risk-taker, which I think balances us out pretty well.HOW FRENCH BAKING WAS BROUGHT TO VIRGINIAEUGENE ROBINSONFEBRUARY 5, 2021OZY
That’s less the case in country, which remains a risk-averse business that runs on the established machinery of radio and touring, and trades on more traditional tropes in its lyrics and soundscapes.T.J. OSBORNE IS READY TO TELL HIS STORYSAM LANSKYFEBRUARY 3, 2021TIME
The people who continue to pay for traditional TV are less likely to be willing to give up traditional TV, for reasons such as they are major sports fans, are averse to streaming or simply enjoy the traditional TV experience.FUTURE OF TV BRIEFING: HOLLYWOOD RETURNS TO PRODUCTION AS STAY-AT-HOME ORDERS, ADVISORIES LIFTTIM PETERSONFEBRUARY 3, 2021DIGIDAY
None of this jockeying over “liberal” is likely to go mainstream anytime soon, particularly since most politicians remain averse to the label.BERNIE SANDERS IS OFTEN CALLED A LIBERAL. HE’D BEG TO DIFFER. WHO IS ACTUALLY A LIBERAL?GRAHAM VYSEFEBRUARY 2, 2021WASHINGTON POST
She was famously averse to the demands and expectations that come with celebrity, and to the perks it allows.TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AFTER HER DEATH, EVA CASSIDY’S MUSIC IS AS TIMELESS AS EVERJOHN KELLYJANUARY 26, 2021WASHINGTON POST
Ten years ago, it would've been fine, but now she's in her early 80s and, since Dad died, has become very averse to any reference to her death, even implied.CAROLYN HAX: OCTOGENARIAN MOM RESISTS RECORDING HER VOICE FOR POSTERITYCAROLYN HAXDECEMBER 3, 2020WASHINGTON POST
Temporary city permits have made al fresco dining an option in a city once surprisingly averse to the practice.38 EXCITING WAYS TO EAT IN HONOLULU RIGHT NOWEATER STAFFDECEMBER 2, 2020EATER
Streaming audiences do not appear to be averse to paying to subscribe to ad-supported services.TV NETWORKS FACE LOSS OF AFFILIATE REVENUE IN SHIFT TO STREAMINGTIM PETERSONOCTOBER 21, 2020DIGIDAY
This may have been maternal partiality, for whilst a mere child, she was somewhat obstinate in disposition, and averse to study.THE CHILDHOOD OF DISTINGUISHED WOMENSELINA A. BOWER


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